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 . . . clipping the sample into neat, bite-sized pieces. I know. I love it too! If you're looking for an instrument library to give you a real kick, look no further than the Goliath L library. On the fly customization is built right in to this, and the internal automations work like a dream. In this tutorial I’m going to take you through a Goliath L demo. Step 1: Create a New Project Open up a fresh project in your DAW. I'm using Cubase 6 on my MacBook Pro, but it's the same for any DAW. Step 2: Create the New Instrument After creating a new project, you’ll be presented with the New instrument window. Create a new instrument by clicking “New” in the upper right hand corner. Name your instrument, and select your instrument type. In the upper right hand corner of the window, change your instrument's preset by clicking "Customize." You’ll be presented with a window with the custom parameters, which you can use to set your instrument to exactly how you want it. Click “Create.” Step 3: Load a Sample The last thing you’ll need to do is to load in some of the sampled instruments from Goliath L. Click “Browse” and navigate to the.FLP folders that you’ll be loading in to your project. Click “Open.” Step 4: Create a Rhythm Track When you open up your Goliath L instrument, it’ll start off with a default "Kick" sound. However, you don’t need to use the default sound. You’re free to use your own! Let’s create a 1/4 kick, and let’s go for a hi-hats. Click on your Kick to select the sound. You can now begin altering your kick sound by clicking on the oscillator and adjusting the parameters. Next, we’ll set up a hi-hats with another sound. Click on the hi-hats sound. Click on the bottom oscillator. Click the Threshold button and set it to -12 dB. Click the Pan button and set it to




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